Thursday, 7 January 2016

No spending day

Good afternoon.

I finished work today at 1.15 and then walked home. Whilst at home I made the beds, hovered downstairs, cleaned the kitchen and the downstairs toilet. Put the dishwasher on and did a load of washing.

Then I walked back to the school to pick the children up and walked straight back home again so my walking should be up again today. Update - steps 18,012 miles 7.7 calories burnt 1047

When I say it has been a no spend day I have not stopped at any shops and spent any money but my son has gone to cadets tonight and he takes £2.00 with him every week.

I have eaten a little more today :-

Breakfast 1oz crunchy nut

Lunch - 3 Ryvitas with low fat cream cheese and a nutrigrain bar

Snack - Apple, 2 cookies and 2 crumpets

Tea - pasta and tomato sauce

The reason I have eaten more for snack today is because walking back from school with the children I came over very dizzy and had to sit down. My darling son gave me an apple leftover from his lunch and we carried on walking home.

I'm unsure whether I felt dizzy because I am still recovering although I feel ok. But quite a few people at school have said because of the amount of walking that I do I am not eating enough. I'm not sure but thought well I feel the need for a snack so I decided to have one.

I feel much better now so I guess it must have worked. Update - Ok so I have just worked out my calories and even though I thought I had been very greedy I have only had 1066 calories and still have 224 calories to use if I need to.

I am off to give my lovely children their lavender bath and story before bed as this seems to be working a treat.

Have a lovely evening and take care. Xx

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