Saturday, 2 January 2016

Ok hands up I haven't done much!

Hello dear friends,

Ha ha I bet you are wondering what I have achieved today...A big fat nothing.

I walked for a whole mile yesterday, yes, I can hear you cheering.

But seriously, I really haven't done much at all today. I have decided the first room that I plan to clean out is going to be my bedroom. But I can't decide whether to get rid of the clothes that are too small or as I am trying to lose weight whether to keep them and try and get into them. What do you think?

I tried to be good with what I eat today and had Alpen for breakfast, I know I shouldn't have done but I missed lunch and had chicken and noodles with Chinese vegetables for tea. Unfortunately I also had a couple of chocolate chip cookies too.

I haven't drunk anywhere near enough fluid today and this is normally an issue for me as I only tend to drink about three cups a day.

I had planned to take the Christmas tree down today but hey it looks pretty so it can stay up until Monday. I have to work for three hours on Monday morning so I think I'll take the decorations down in the afternoon.

I have had lots of lovely cuddles from my beautiful children and as we speak I have one of my boys snuggled up on my legs. I should really be sending them up to bed soon so they get into the habit of going to bed ready for back to school in a couple of days but its so cosy with him sitting there and I don't want him to go.

I checked my Nectar card today and I currently have £2.40 on it, I also have £4.40 on my Boots advantage card. I will keep a monthly update for these cards.

I'm off to read stories with my little ones before bedtime.

Take care and have a nice evening xx


  1. Can I just copy your post and plop it on my blog for today? I swear we had the same day, kind of. Me, I skipped breakfast but had lunch. I had dinner and many snacks made of chocolate. I figured I'll start dieting for sure on Monday. And exercising too.

    I also still have my Christmas stuff up and while I desperately want to take it down, Greg likes keeping it up until the very end of his vacation and that is tomorrow night. So Monday morning, everything will get packed up. I can't wait, honestly. I'm sick of eating on Christmas-themed plates too.

    I definitely didn't drink enough liquids today: 2 cups of coffee and maybe a cup and a half of water. Aargh. And I only slept 4 hours last night so that's no good either.

    Let's just pretend that Monday is the first day of 2016, shall we? Anyone else wants to join in on that?

    Enjoy your cuddles with your kiddos!

  2. Ha ha. I think we are twins! I keep saying it but I'm sure its true. You are my double across the water.

    Yes Monday we start.

    Christmas themed plates... so good, I don't have any of those but I do have the Christmas tablecloth on. Does that count?

    The cuddles were great and I've had even more this morning - such a good start to the day.

    See if I was rich I could home school them and we could always start the day that way. Yes I know. Keep dreaming.

    Have a great day Nathalie xx