Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Just rambling

Hello dear friends,

Is it only Tuesday? No I promise I won't wish the time away but I do know we only have four and a half weeks until half term.

My daughter, who I have to say is as close as you can get to having the perfect child, had a complete melt down today because she got some of her maths wrong. I had a chat with her teacher and she is working a year above herself anyway and both her teacher and I explained this to her. This didn't make her feel any better and she brought the sheet home and has spent the last two hours making sure she understood the work. She is nine and whilst I love the fact that she works so hard I do not want her to feel that everything she does has to be perfect. She is perfect in every way to me, no matter what!

Today I have eaten:-

Breakfast - 1oz Crunchy nut cornflakes and semi skimmed milk

Lunch - 3 Ryvitas and cream cheese (I am getting fed up with these now)

Dinner - Jacket potatoes with cheese beans and salad

I have to admit I took the car to work today partly because I had a display to put up before the children came in and secondly because I have been having problems with my right knee and both hips for the last few days. I popped to the doctors (yes again) who told me I needed to have a blood test for osteoarthritis but he thought it was a viral infection that is going around that affects joints as my glands are up and because I have been unwell and I work in a school I am more susceptible to things that are going around. Yeah thanks! I think I need some sunshine, that would help.

I just wanted to update you, do you remember me telling you that I had started to give my children lavender baths especially my anxious boy. Well he is sleeping better and is much less anxious. So if any of you struggle with a child that doesn't sleep well or get anxious I would recommend trying lavender it has really made a difference with mine.

Today I had a cleanout of my old bags and I found 21p which I placed into my extra cash bowl.

I hope you have a lovely evening and Take care xx


  1. I'm sorry to hear you're unwell... I hope your joints feel better. Would a nice lavender bath help you too?

    Your daughter is very driven! That's admirable, although you are right, she shouldn't take mistakes as hard as she seemed to have done. She's in school to learn and you learn best by making mistakes. It's very impressive that she works a whole year ahead, kudos to her!

    I'm glad your son is less anxious. Is school better for him this term?

  2. Hi Nathalie, my joints feel better today but I used the car yesterday and I didn't walk anywhere near as much today and they do feel a bit better so maybe I was just overdoing it.

    I think being the only girl in the house my daughter feels she needs to out do the boys. Ha ha

    He does seem to be happier. I don't know if he is just more chilled because he is sleeping better so not taking things to heart so much. But whatever its good news.

    Ha ha, perhaps I should treat myself to a lavender bath tonight xx