Friday, 15 January 2016

Update on the menu organising

Hello, I hope you are having a nice day.

Today, I carried on with organising the rotating menus that I am going to use for the rest of winter. I managed to do week 2,3 and 4 and now I just need to work on the shopping lists for each week.

I popped down to the shops tonight when I knew they would be reducing their products, knowing roughly what was on my menu's, to see if I could get anything at a good price.

This is what I got:-

3 packs muffins was 75p reduced to 14p (now in the freezer)
3 packs Cadbury cake bars was £1.12 reduced to 33p - for lunches next week
3 packs of potatoes was £1.50 reduced to 10p - dinners next week
Pack of mushrooms was £1.00 reduced to 10p - dinners
2 packs tear and share chocolate brioche was £1.75 reduced to 45p one for breakfast and one in freezer
Pack of rolls was £1.00 reduced to 45p - for lunches next week
Pack of kiwi fruits was £1.00 reduced to 24p - lunches next week
Pack of grapes was £2.40 reduced to 20p - lunches this weekend

I am really hoping that I start to see a big difference with how much money we spend on food with all the items that we are managing to get at a discount and having a plan each week for what we are eating.

Today I eat:-

Breakfast - 2 crumpets with Marmite

Lunch - Ham and cheese sandwich

Dinner - 2 sausages, egg, mushrooms, tomatoes and beans

Snacks - crisps, 2x2 finger biscuits and some Haribo's

I am very disappointed that I allowed myself to comfort eat tonight and completely went away from healthy eating.

My little boy got in trouble today because a boy pushed him over and he retaliated and squeezed the boys arm leaving a red mark. He received an orange slip which results in a detention for retaliating.

This same boy yesterday joined in my sons game and told him he could not play because no one likes him and he should go and play with bird poo and my son was found curled up in a ball sobbing in the corner. I spoke to his teacher about this.

Today, I received a letter telling me my son had received an orange slip for retaliating but the other boy said he had pushed my son over by accident so did not get in trouble.

I am truly not sure how to deal with this situation as my son is no angel and I know that he can get upset easily but when I discussed with him how he should speak to a teacher and not retaliate he replied "Why mum they don't do anything anyway". And then said "How comes I get in trouble for doing something back but when someone hurts me first or says nasty things to me they don't even get told off"

Which is why I comfort eat I feel like every couple of weeks I am coming up with this sort of situation and it doesn't matter what I do or say things never get any better. I wish I could win the lottery so that I could home school my son as it seems to be the only place he is truly happy and I can see my sons self esteem disappearing the longer he is at school. He is 8 years old how is he going to feel at 11 years old?

Well I am sorry to be a depressing blog writer today but my blog is not rose tinted, I am a real person with a real family and my life has genuine ups and downs.

Have a good evening and take care xx


  1. Those are incredible deals, Tara, well done.

    My heart aches for your little boy. I guess I would explain to him that life isn't fair, but that his job is to not get in trouble at school because, in the end, it reflects badly on him (even as unfair as it sounds) and makes you feel bad too. Maybe you can start a reward system so he gets something if he keeps his cool? Explain to him that he needs to walk away from the problem makers and that people who say such cruel things as what they have told him are children who are themselves miserable and haven't found another way to make themselves feel better than to try to make others miserable too. It is HIS choice to decide whether to give them the power to hurt his feelings, or not. Is there a counselor that he can see to help him with his self-esteem problems? I absolutely understand that he is being bullied, but he also seems like a very sensitive boy and it sounds like he needs coping mechanisms to deal with those situations when life looks very unfair, but it doesn't mean that you can lash back. Do you know what I mean? Hugs to you both. Stay away from the chocolate. (yes I'm a hypocrite!)

  2. Thanks Nathalie, sometimes I can't see the wood for the trees with situation. I get so angry and caught up with it that I don't think I handle it very well. Reading your advise really hit home with me and you are completely right. I used to have a reward plan a year ago when my son used to hide in the toilet to stop him from doing that.

    This morning I had a chat with him and said everything that you suggested to him and discussed starting a reward plan, his choice of reward is to go with me to Costa for a coke.

    You are also right about his sensitivity which I think is why they target him because they know they will get a reaction from him if he didn't react I'm sure they would get bored. I have spoken to a few people about counselling and one of my friends daughters has gone to a place called kids inspire and they do a twelve week plan with a child so I am going to give them a call. We don't have counselling attached to schools here.
    Thank you so much for your help. You are such a good friend xxx

    1. I'm glad I could help a little. It's hard to think straight when it's your kids. My daughter was involved with a situation in one of her classes just this week and I was ready to go to the school and raise hell with the principal and threaten to call the cops if it became worse. No calm and collected response here, lol. I'd probably be the one getting in trouble for hitting back. But it's true that the best stress advice I have read (but not always practiced) is that we can't always control others but we can always control how we respond.

      Good luck with everything and hugs to all of you!

  3. Oh Nathalie I'm sorry your daughter has had problems this week and I can completely understand you feeling that way. I hope it is sorted now and you have no further problems. Hugs to you and your daughter xx I hope my son listens its hard for little ones to see that the way they deal with a situation has an effect on everything isn't it xxx