Saturday, 23 January 2016

Saturday update

Hi, I hope you are having a lovely day.

Mine has been very interesting I woke up this morning to lovely little people cuddles, always the best way to start a day.

Our shower has been broken for the last three days and sweet man has tried to fix it so I was dreading having to call a plumber out. I thought I would give it a last ditch attempt today as we seemed to have no pressure so I unscrewed it pulled the shower hose and carefully checked for any twists that could be causing the problem and then gush, yes the pressure was back. Yay me! Who needs a man!

Secondly, I got on the scales after two weeks of not going near them and guess what? Ha,  four pounds lost. I repeat Yay me! What a relief. Onwards and upwards now.

I have also used my freecycle airer.

I am very pleased with it. Can you see the broken one hanging around at the back. Yes I need to take that to the tip along with a few other things.

I have put in a final request on freecycle for a slow cooker/crockpot before I buy one on pay day. You never know if someone who has not previously seen my request before may see it this time.

The school confirmed yesterday that they are going to arrange for my eight year old son to have counselling as there was an incident on Thursday when some boys upset him and he got himself in such a state that he tried to leave the school. Luckily he was seen and stopped but it was very difficult to calm him down and I think that it brought to light how unhappy he is. I hope more than anything that this helps him as he is the happiest, sweetest little man in the world when he is at home and I want other people to see that side of his personality.

More child news I'm sorry if its boring for you, my eldest son announced this morning that during his summer holiday from university he is thinking about applying to do Camp America. It would be an amazing experience for him and I know he is perfectly capable of looking after himself but we would all miss him so much. At the moment its just an idea so we shall see where he goes with it.

Well today I am posting earlier than usual because a friend of mine rang and has just split up with her boyfriend so she wants to come round and spend the evening with us. I hope we manage to cheer her up because she is a very sweet person.

Well that's it from me for today tomorrow we will be start looking at what we have in the freezer and cupboards for week ones menu's ready to start on Monday.

Take care xx


  1. A day full of SUCCESSES for you, I'm so happy. I suppose that the last episode with your 8-year old was actually good since it spurred the inquiry into the counseling that he needs.

    You lost 4 lbs in 2 weeks! That's stupendous! Well done!

    I love that laundry rack that you got for free, it's so large! My dad has the exact same one. Those things are pretty pricey here so you really scored! Can you try to fix the other one so you have two of them?

    Good luck with the crockpot search and the continued weight loss!

    I looked up Camp America. It sounds like a cheap way to come to the US for a summer since I guess he wouldn't have to pay for lodging (or does he have to?) or food? but he'd really be working for free for a whole summer so maybe that's not such a great deal, I don't know. I guess if he can afford it and wants to spend the summer as a camp counselor, go for it! I hope he gets a great location, not some dump. You'll have to let me know if he makes it down to Florida, maybe we can take him out to dinner or something!

  2. I'm so pleased with the laundry rack, they are expensive here too. The other one has snapped in half so I'm not sure that I would be able to repair it. I could probably use the bottom half for little pants and socks.

    I'm almost pleased the incident happened on Thursday Nathalie because it has forced them to do something.

    He would get free flights, free lodgings and free food plus he wants to be a teacher so it would look really good on his CV. Ah thank you Nathalie, I'm sure he would love that. I don't know whether they get to choose their location or just get given one.

    I was quite pleased with 4lb only another 4/5 stone to go ha ha xx

  3. Your blog post is so full of good news. Congrats on the four pounds lost. All that walking is paying off for you.

    A free air dryer. Can't do much better than that....except maybe a shower that works without having to call in a plumber on the weekend. Ha.

    Finally, the school has acknowledged how very unhappy your son has been. Hopefully they will be able to start his counselling asap, so he can gain the coping skills he needs right now. And please let us know more about the Camp America as you learn more about the program. This sounds so exciting for your son. My daughter had an opportunity, when she was only 16, to go to Quebec City for six weeks during the summer for a complete French immersion. It was one of the highlights of her school years.

    1. Thanks Susan, I seriously thought I was walking my backside off (hopefully) for the sake of it.

      I'm so glad that my little man will start to get some help I can't tell you how worried I have been about him. If homeschooling was a thing here I would have done it two years ago when this all started.

      Oh wow, I bet your daughter loved spending the summer in France but I bet that was a huge decision for you and your husband to let her go at 16.

      I know my son would love it. I must admit I was a bit Surprised when he mentioned it because he is quite a home bird and it is out of his comfort zone so I am really proud of him.

  4. Hello, just popping over from Disease Called Debt, thank you for visiting my blog and commenting! I am enjoying reading your blog and finding out more about you! Sorry to hear your little boy has been upset at school, I hope that the counselling gets underway quickly and that it helps him. Looking forward to reading more of your posts.

  5. Hello Hayley, thank you for popping over. I think the counselling will start next week and hopefully it will start to help him deal with difficult situations better. I work at his school and its heart breaking to see him crying pretty much on a daily basis. I loved your blog and look forward to catching up on some of your older posts this afternoon. Xx