Thursday, 14 January 2016

Check out my organisation!

Good afternoon my dear friends. I hope you are having a good day.

Seriously, I am really impressed with myself. I didn't walk home today even though I only do a half day on a Thursday but I didn't want to spend my whole afternoon working, their is only so much free overtime I want to give away. So I started to do a four weekly rotational menu plan, I got week one done today and I typed it up and laminated it and I will be putting it inside my cupboard door.

I will also be typing up and laminating a shopping list and I will carry this in my bag with a marker so that every time I see something on offer I can get it and cross it off my list.

I am hoping that this will help in trying to bring our spending down even further as I will always have an idea of what we will be cooking throughout the month and stock our fridge and freezer accordingly.

I am also going to type up a list of the normal prices of all these items and try to beat the prices by either shopping around or getting offers/yellow stickered items.

Some of the recipes above do take quite a lot of cooking and organising if cooked from fresh which as we all know is much cheaper so I have decided on pay day to buy myself a slow cooker. I have been looking regularly in charity shops and I cannot find one unfortunately.

I will continue to work on my four weekly menu plan over the next few days and update you as I finish each one.

Today I have eaten :-

Breakfast - Nutrigrain breakfast bar

Lunch - 2 Ryvitas with cottage cheese, banana and some fruit slices

Dinner - chicken breast, oven chips and sweetcorn

I hope you have a lovely evening
Take care xx


  1. I am very impressed with you too! Look at you! You are awesome, Tara. Seriously.

    Free overtime? That brings back memories of my last job at (at the time) my youngest son's school. As a matter of fact I'm having lunch with my former boss tomorrow. She was very nice and always made sure I got paid days off in exchange for all the hours I worked unofficially although I worked way more hours than I ended up taking off.

    Yay for the slow cooker, I think you will love it.

    How were your joints today? Still in pain?

  2. Thank you 😊

    I think the free overtime comes with working in a school Nathalie.

    How lovely to get on that well with your old boss that you have lunch with her. I hope you have a nice time.

    I just think it will make such a difference and on the days when I just can't be bothered after work it'll be lovely to see its already done. Yay

    Joints are a little bit better today, I still didn't walk back home but now my daughters complaining her knees are hurting so I hope she hasn't got it now. Xx