Sunday, 24 January 2016

Simple Sundays

Happy Sunday dear friends. I loved the picture above and whilst I know it is drastically different to the weather at lot of you are currently living with, I thought it might brighten your day and remind you that hopefully Spring won't be too far away.

I woke up very early this morning, 5am, so I got two loads of washing and some ironing done by 9am.

I then went to pick up two waste paper baskets that I got from someone on freecycle on my way to visiting my mum and dad.

I am very lucky because I have fantastic parents who are very good to me. I was never a spoilt child but both my brother and I got exactly what we needed and we still do. My mum will always bake cakes and cookies for the children and cook pies for me so that I can have a night off from cooking.

Today my mum gave me more cups of coffee than I normally have in a whole day at home, offered me a variety of home made delights which you will be very impressed to hear I declined, my daughter who at nine certainly does not need to worry about what she eats happily said yes to everything offered and we spent a lovely morning chatting and helping dad/granddad with his crossword.

It was just my daughter and I that visited today as since my dad fell ill we don't like to overcrowd him or wear him out.

We left my mum and dads at lunchtime with several packs of knickers for my daughter as mum apparently bought the wrong size for herself! Shampoo and conditioner for curly course hair which my daughter has, my mum has straight fine hair like myself, another apparent mistake! A bag full of sweets for the children and my dad insisted I take £5.00 to treat the kids to sweets for the next couple of weeks. Like I say I am very lucky to have such great parents.

I have been checking on and off all day but it seems like I am not going to be getting my slow cooker/crockpot so I guess this week I will be buying one. I know deep down it will eventually save us money because quite often if dinner is not ready when sweet man comes in he will request a take away. So not only will it save us money it will save me putting on weight. Win win!

Tomorrow I start with my menu plan, I was going to spend the day today working out what I had in the cupboards and what I need to buy but I know I have the items for tomorrow and Tuesdays breakfast, lunch and dinner and I thought it was more important to see my parents. I will not be following Fridays dinner plan as we are going to watch my daughter singing at the O2 and the children will all be having school dinners.

Well I am off to research sturdy shoes for teenage boys as pay day is almost here and if you have read my previous posts this week my son has gone through three pairs of shoes in three months so this time I intend to check the shoes that I buy are able to cope with big footed teenage boys!

My thoughts are with anyone struggling with diverse weather conditions, stay safe and take care xx


  1. I love that picture of the lavender field, it reminds me of our trip to Provence this past summer :) thanks for that!

    Another score from Freecycle, you're on fire! I hope you find a crockpot at a decent price. They're not that expensive here, I think I had gotten my large one for $40 but that was several years ago. I use a smaller one now that I ended up getting for free after an awesome rebate.

    So, you need to explain more about your daughter singing at the O2 as you call it. Is the O2 the building or is it a festival? Is she going to be singing alone or with a choir/band? Is it a competition? What will she be singing? Yes, I'm a nosy one :)

    I'm glad you had a good time with your mom and dad. You mom did spoil you girls, didn't she? Good for you that you resisted the offers of sweets though! I don't know if I could have!

    Have a great start of your week, Tara. I hope the weather holds off for you guys so your son has a fun camping trip!

  2. Hi Nathalie

    I'm glad you like the picture, I thought it was beautiful. Provence sounds lovely. Do your family live there?

    I have been researching and I think a crockpot will cost me about £30.00 not too bad at all really.

    The O2 is in London its now used for concerts and things like that, it used to be the Millennium Dome. She is singing as part of the school choir with a load of other schools. They are called Young Voices and she did it last year. Its lovely to watch.

    Its turned quite mild here again its 12°C today. So I'm hoping he should have quite a nice weekend. I have just had a friend call me who is taking him on Friday and she has told me to pack him snacks and drinks which I would have done anyway because her son came back starving last year even though they got three meals a day. Haha Boys!

    1. Yes, one of my brothers and his GF (and cats!) live in Marseille (Provence). It's lovely, there, well the countryside is.

      30 pounds is a good price!

      Good luck to your daughter for her concert, it must be amazing to see your child perform in such a large venue! I can't wait until my oldest son performs in such venues as well :)

      Yes, teenage boys are locusts, aren't they?! And they do like to graze. But their bodies are undergoing tremendous growth so it's understandable. They'll be outdoors performing a lot of physically demanding activities so they definitely should have drinks and snacks! Good thinking!

  3. I follow a page on facebook - feed yourself for a £1 day and seen a post saying Aldi have slow cookers reduced to £4.99 :-) Jo x

    1. Oh Tara, RUN to Aldi! You'll lose weight and save money! I hope you find one!